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Tiers in Rain is a blog and media-driven writing project created mainly to discuss any type of media with cyberpunk, tech-noir, robotic, bio-mechanical, future-dystopian, retrofuturistic, or other technological themes. Through news and reviews, I explore the realms of video games, music, books, movies, tv series, art, animation, etc. that feature either these themes directly or technology as a central or overarching/aesthetic theme. As well as any media properties that, while not directly related, might still appeal to those who are interested in those themes or ideas. I cover everything from the extremely niche and obscure to the notable and well-known, and from various periods of time. The site also covers culture as intertwined with technology from the perspective of a person who grew up in a world transitioning from a relatively non-connected culture to an acutely connected one. Articles posted on the site are both original content, written by this site’s author, and curated content from other sources that match the topics, themes, and aesthetics that this site aims to achieve.

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