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About Tiers in Rain

The Cyberpunkery of Art and Life

About the Site

Tiers in Rain is both a personal blog and media-driven writing project that I created as a hobby to write (uh, when I have time) about the cyberpunk, tech-noir, future-dystopian, and other technologically-themed media that has defined and continues to define the aesthetic of my life. I try to keep up with interesting news as I hear it but the site will mostly have a retrospective focus, casually discussing media properties from weeks, months, or years in the past and the lessons and meanings that I derive from them, if any. Articles on this site are both original content written by its author and curated content from other sources that match the themes and aesthetics that it aims to achieve.

About Asher James

I’ve been a gamer since about the age of 7 when I got an NES for my birthday. Gaming lead me to a wide variety of other media. Especially science fiction, through which I’d eventually discover the cyberpunk genre. I then began seeking out any media I could find that had bits and pieces of cyberpunk. This has become a lifelong passion of mine, and I feel spoiled by all the great cyberpunk content existing in media today. I’m still a huge Nintendo fan today and video games are sure to be a big part of this site’s content. I’m also very much into electronic music, especially Berlin-style techno. I really like coffee a whole lot. I’m a Father of three, which means I also don’t have time to write for this blog! Also, important note: I have a coffee mug that says “Cyberpunk Dad.”

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Photo by Salty Justice on Unsplash