Techno Coffee Is What Tiers in Rain Was

And Tiers in Rain is what it is.

Good evening Replicants!

This is probably unlikely, but if you came here looking for the latest cyberpunk, future-dystopian, and tech-noir news from games, movies, books, and music, etc., you will not find that here anymore.

So sorry.

The good news is that you can now find that at Techno Coffee, my new site for that stuff. The articles I previously posted on Tiers in Rain are now there and all future articles will be posted there. So go there. Now. Go.

No wait. Let me explain first.

I know it’s not good for SEO to suddenly move all your blog to a new URL without doing a redirect. In the SEO business, it’s actually pretty heretical. But it’s ok. I had just launched and had only written a few articles for Tiers in Rain as a media site.

My reason for doing this is pretty basic. I always wanted to have a media-oriented site but also an itch to do a more personal-style blog mainly for cathartic purposes. I didn’t want to mix personal thoughts and feelings with stuff that’s really just for fun. Like discussion of cyberpunk stuff, video games, movies, music, etc..

When I began using the “tiersinrain” name for all my online profiles, I had always intended to be the personal home base  for all my online activities. Since it was already the name of all my personal social media profiles, it made sense.

But I went through a lot of second-guessing. And third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth guessing. As I tend to do. Mainly because I felt running two blogs would be overwhelming. You see, I have three kids, a house, lots of anxiety issues, and not much time.

So I ultimately decided to just have one site that acted as a personal blog and doubled as a media site. I felt okay with it for a while but it was bugging me and I felt self-conscious about posting personal-oriented stuff on it.

Then after posting a few news articles I noticed it was getting a bit of traffic from search results. I hadn’t even promoted the site yet. The design was done and I was just trying to get a few articles on the site to have content so I could set up a more magazine-style design for it.

I even signed up for ads and had begun making revenue, albeit just a tiny bit. The amount of traffic I got right away was expected. I guess I am just posting about stuff that interests a lot of people?

In any case, at that point I hadn’t even posted anything personal. But I figured readers would be coming to the site for the media content and would find the personal stuff boring, at best. And at worst, intrusive. I really didn’t want either of those.

I think it’s fair to say that anyone who finds their way to Tiers in Rain now has probably done so because they like my writing on Techno Coffee and sought me out here.

Those readers therefore want to read what I’m writing here, whether it be directly related to the other content or not. I feel like the audience I will have had here will have been a willing one.

So the itch to have a website dedicated to the personal side of things kept getting stronger. And since I have such a strong personal attachment to the Tiers in Rain name, I really didn’t want to use the domain name in any manner other than for a personal blog.

I decided the best thing to do would be to start a separate site for the media stuff. And thus Techno Coffee was born. Literally this morning.

You’re probably wondering about the Techno Coffee name. Maybe not but it’s one of those things that makes so much sense to me that it has to draw question marks from others, because I’m weird. If the site ever gets popular I’m sure I will get that question.

I had thought about calling the new site Cyberpunkery. I own the domain already. But I had always wanted to give that name to a podcast. Assuming I ever started one. So I decided that I wanted to keep that domain reserved for a potential podcast should Techno Coffee come to fruition one day and afford me the time to, y’know, do it.

Aside from that Cyberpunkery might mislead people to believe the site is just about cyberpunk, which it isn’t. It’s about that but it’s about all technologically-themed media.

So I decided to name it after two of my favorite things: Techno and coffee. Techno, first as in the root word for technological and secondly as in Berlin-style techno, an actual musical genre that I love a lot. There’s London and Detroit techno too, of course. Both of which I also love.

And coffee as in the fuel that runs the whole thing, making it make sense to have it right in the title. I mean, I don’t need to explain that part, right? You get it. Coffee.

I wanted something a little more light-hearted for my media writings where Tiers in Rain automatically invokes a sense of seriousness I didn’t want associated with my media writing. It is really mainly for fun, after all.

It’s ok for here though, since this blog is about me and my life. But it won’t get too serious, I promise. I’ll probably mostly write about stuff that is off-topic for Techno Coffee.

Well this has been fun. I am going to spend the first few posts on this blog talking about my upcoming plans for Tiers in Rain, Techno Coffee, and maybe some other niche blogs I have in the works. Maybe. Assuming I don’t have a nervous breakdown before then.

After that I’ll probably dive deeper into whatever happens to pop into my head at random times and hope everything comes together as a cohesive whole.

So look forward to that. And please do go visit Techno Coffee. I need ad revenue. Just kidding. I don’t need it but it would be nice to write for a living some day. I’d get a lot more writing done if I could.

So I do need it is what I’m saying.

This might all be the crazy byproduct of a deeply insecure state of mind on my part. But hey, I’m actually enjoying myself a bit. That’s nice for a change. and ultimately, I’m grateful to live in a society where this problem can even exist.

And I know no one is reading this. It’s ok. I’m just trying to reassure myself.

Goodnight Replicants

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